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Moving to the next level at Next-DC agency

If you think about Technologies you will notice that they change so fast and even they change the Society in which we are living. This rapid development reflects on Companies which has to grow with the Technologies and change their business model to be able to offer the best solutions to the Society. The Companies are running by strong individuals and unique teams. They are the Persons, people willing to understand the future that the Technologies delivers to the Society.

In trying to be a better Person I made one big decision in my life. I left the Propeople team and now I am employed by Next-DC agency. It is a start-up digital creative agency with great team and big potential. They expertise in digital marketing. Digital Marketing is the promoting of brands using all forms of digital advertising channels to reach consumers. This includes TV, radio, Internet, mobile, social media marketing and any other form of digital media.

Being part of digital marketing process is what I am exited about. We will use the latest Technologies to deliver new communication channels to the Society. We will monitor the social media to analyse the reaction of the Society. Beside my work with the Drupal platform, I will focus on more interactive user interfaces with jQuery, mobile application development and social media marketing and monitoring.

The Hottest Drupal week in Bulgaria is coming

As you may already know, several things happened for Drupal since the beginning of this year.

At first on 5 Jan 2011 Drupal 7 was released. Most promising than ever this release makes a great new adventure into building sites for everyone who is using it.

On 15 Jan 2011 Drupal made 10 years. Happy tenth birthday Drupal! Somehow I was born on the same day back in 1983. This can be a fortune or not, but since I met Drupal, my life changed and now I am celebrating even more this day :)

But there is more to come. Next week will be the Hottest Drupal week in Bulgaria ever!

On-page SEO for Drupal presentation

Today I presented a session about On-page SEO for Drupal to my colleagues at Propeople. The session went great and I would like to share the slides. The presentation is showing what type of SEO techniques you can apply to optimize your Drupal site and all this only with contributed modules.

If you do SEO on Drupal this slideshow will be interesting for you. Please take a look.

Why use Drupal as a development platform?

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS), designed for power and flexibility. Boasting one of the biggest professional developer communities, Drupal is quickly becoming one of the leading PHP content management systems in the world. This article explores several key points of Drupal, and the reason why I use it as a base for web solutions.

What is the power of Drupal?

Drupal excels as a CMS and also as a development platform. It has a strong core capable of large flexibility. This means that the system can support many types of features with ease, from shopping carts to user profiles, calendars, galleries and beyond. Drupal can handle just about anything you can imagine. As developers, we embrace this flexibility because it allows us to turn any website dream into reality.