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The Hottest Drupal week in Bulgaria is coming

As you may already know, several things happened for Drupal since the beginning of this year.

At first on 5 Jan 2011 Drupal 7 was released. Most promising than ever this release makes a great new adventure into building sites for everyone who is using it.

On 15 Jan 2011 Drupal made 10 years. Happy tenth birthday Drupal! Somehow I was born on the same day back in 1983. This can be a fortune or not, but since I met Drupal, my life changed and now I am celebrating even more this day :)

But there is more to come. Next week will be the Hottest Drupal week in Bulgaria ever!

The first DrupalCamp Bulgaria is about to happen on 22-23 Jan 2011. This event will show how big is the Drupal community in Bulgaria. My predictions are that it is BIG. For sure. The event will be located at Red House in Sofia. Propeople is platinum sponsor of DrupalCamp Bulgaria which means that our team will fill-in the event in every aspect. We will be more than 20 people and there are several sessions already announced. I will present my first session about Drupal for a big audience. It is titled Building and deployment of Drupal sites with Features and Context. It is a very interesting topic for me and I would like to share my knowledge on this process. I realized that it is really wide area to explore, because the session can expand into several discussions, just like projects can expand on demand. I also expect the sessions from my colleagues Rumen Yordanov about Boost Drupal performance and Jens Beltofte about Think generic - add API's to your custom modules. The actual schedule just arrived and many other sessions look also very interesting.

After all there is even one more announced event in the next week. Its the starting of Drupal Thursdays in Bulgaria. Propeople will start organizing "Drupal Thursdays" meetings and everyone is invited to join our team for discussion on various topics about Drupal.

As part of everything is the current Propeople project that needs a lot of effort and attention. So definitely the upcoming week will be the Hottest Drupal week in Bulgaria for me and other people.